Journey with me to a Fit Body and Fat Life


SONY DSCMy old reality:  Waking up exhausted before the day even started, not wanting to get out of bed for work.  Work was often just that, work.  I was spending lunch with the gym crowd, packing the fridge at the office full of good-for-you foods, playing lots of volleyball and trying to maintain a social life.  All the while my body clung to unwanted weight until I finally convinced myself that I was healthy, there was no weight for me to lose and being tired was just a way of life.  Yowza!!  I was living to work, letting most dreams slip in to the dark recesses of my closet and simply continuing to spin in the hamster wheel.

I followed the rules .. for health, for a career, for the “good life” and life was just ok.  I finally decided “just ok” was NOT ok with me.  I wanted more and began unpacking my dreams from the closet.  I wanted a #FitBodyFatLife.

Because of my history (really my past missteps and recovery), I am passionate about helping you live out loud YOUR deepest dreams and desires – every day.  Don’t wait any longer to discover your Fit Body Fat Life.  Contact me today to get started!


My History Up To Now:

  • Small-town Wyoming girl
  • Bachelor’s of Science from University of Wyoming – Structural Engineering Degree
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • Previous body description – husky, big-boned w/ lack of self-confidence
  • Current body description – lean, mean fighting machine (aka: strong and smiling!)
  • High school husky to weight gain … weight loss … weight gain … weight loss … weight gain to weight be-gone!
  • Developed allergies to cats in college … no longer an allergy sufferer
  • Current program:  maintain a healthy weight for my frame by consistently making better choices that move me towards feeling great
  • Still have engi-nerd tendencies … with a transition to doing work I love by serving others

The short and simple truth is that what worked for my athlete friends or my favorite celebrities didn’t always work for me.  The same is probably true for you.  Developing a personalized plan is key to achieving a #FitBody that will last for your lifetime and not just a “diet” or a “New Year’s Resolution”.  It’s taken some time to take the weight off and its also taken time to develop the right plan for me.  Most of us have “been there done that”, we know what to do and we just don’t keep at it.  That’s one area where I come in, to help you stay the course.  It will take time, patience and consistent action from you – developing YOUR Fit Body is a work of art.  I guarantee it’s worth it when you’re in love with your body again, when you discover just how good healthy really  feels.

Health is our number one asset and it’s pretty difficult to focus on much else when we don’t feel good.  However, I have found that more people lay awake at night due to poor finances than poor health.  If that’s you, maybe it’s time to make a change… to think outside the box?

Believe me when I say I understand.  Here is my full story…

Your Fit Body Fat Life doesn’t have to wait.

 Living the life you love just might begin with a Fit Body Fat Life Consultant.


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