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Karen VogelI started working with Jenn after my cousin told me how great she was in helping her achieve her goals.  I thought I would just give it a try, not dreaming that 9 months later I would be 15 pounds lighter, a clothing-size smaller, and feeling stronger, healthier and happier having made changes that I can carry forward through the rest of my life.

People would not have described me as overweight or unfit…I just wanted to lose 5 pounds sustainably, and to be able to hike uphill and talk at the same time! But with Jenn’s deep and thorough knowledge of nutrition, we made some simple changes to my diet that were amazingly effective at removing my years-long sugar cravings and made me feel more satisfied with meals and snacks.  My body started to feel so much better – and that has made it easy to stick with what I know is good for me.

The training that Jenn has designed has been fun and interesting and a really good challenge – she changes up my work-outs regularly and has been able to work really well, especially in the beginning, with a knee that was still recovering from ACL surgery.  She has, with great encouragement and a wonderful attitude, made me realize that I am capable of things I never thought I could do.  It is very, very rewarding to have that confidence and to feel so much stronger and fitter.

Jenn is warm, positive, encouraging and enthusiastic.  I look forward to welcoming her into my home twice a week. I sing her praises regularly – would recommend her to anyone! –  and am so happy about all I have achieved while working with her!” Karen V., Denver, CO

Jenn is particular about the ability to do exercises with better form which ensures utilization of the right muscle group.  She provides answers to my questions each week, sometimes just in conversation and sometimes with additional material.  She’s a good mentor.  I could do it on my own but having her come to the office has made it an easier process reaching my athletic goals and perform exercises at a higher level.  She finds the hidden strengths that I may not have known nor been able to see on my own.” Jack O., Denver, CO

Kristina Gist

“I met Jennifer in 2009 through a business networking group, she was fun, spunky and passionate about health; within a couple of meetings we started to connect more, we both had a common passion: helping others. Within the past five years I have seen Jenn’s business continually grow and with that her passion to help others feel better and live a better life has only amplified. When a client works with Jenn they aren’t on the journey to total body health alone, she is with each of her clients every step of the way; encouraging them to meet that next goal even when it’s a rough day. That’s what passion is, and that’s exactly what Jennifer has for others.” -Kristina S., Denver, CO

“Jenn is awesome!  She’s consistent in her training sessions, though she sometimes brings out Jillian.  She is a good resource for health information.  I always know that I can ask her what’s on my mind and she either knows the answer or will do the research to find the answer.  She’s always making sure to do the best thing for me to help me reach my goals.”  – Candice A.

“Thank you for encouraging me to do the Insanity Mud Run!  Running has made me a better biker and I’m now passing all the boys going up hills.  The product you recommended for my knees has been awesome!  I am finally able to train and play volleyball without experiencing pain each and every time.” – Lisa W.

“I have been training with Jennifer for a year now and I have noticed a tremendous change in my physical health. I am stronger than I have ever been and have a much better toned body than I have had in a long time. Jennifer consistently and constantly challenges me with new exercises in my workouts. The best part is that Jennifer comes to my house to be my own personal trainer at a very low cost. Before I started working out with Jenn it was real easy to think of a thousand excuses not to do a workout that day, now I don’t have a choice. Having someone to keep you accountable is key.” 
-Mary O.


“Jennifer Abbenhaus has been my fitness trainer now for about 4 months.  Since I started working out with her I have reduced by 2 dress sizes.   My strength and energy levels have  increased dramatically since the time we began working out together.   She is a dedicated trainer and has a nice way of encouraging me to do more than I think I can.   Working out with her has been both challenging and fun and I love the results!” -C.J.M.


“Your mobile personal training program allows me to work it into my schedule.  Knowing you will be knocking on my door 3 times a week, keeps me from putting off the workouts and making excuses.  It’s always amazing how attentive to the details you are and that my slightest movement/position can make all the difference between a good and better workout.  Although I was only looking for a workout routine, your help with diet and vitamin needs were a welcome addition.  The USANA Company has been a pleasant surprise.  They really do provide a superior product.  Thank you again for providing such a valuable service.” -Cindy G.


“I had the opportunity to train with Jennifer on several occasions…and I was very pleased with the whole experience.  I have a neck injury from a car accident many years ago and it is a problem area for me.  She was very aware at all times during my workout and made sure that she paid attention to my body language.  When she would observe my shoulders creeping up she was right there reminding me to lower them… She also is very helpful in making sure that you push yourself and her encouraging words make you want to finish the set when you are sure that you can’t.  She helps you realize your true potential.”  -Kenna R.


“I have been very impressed… mostly with the skill and knowledge that Jennifer brings to the training sessions. Jennifer is an outgoing and enthusiastic person, and she is very patient with her clients.”  -Lea Y.


“She clearly understands the process and is dedicated to encouraging her clients toward success in their goals toward better health…Jennifer is always upbeat and energizing.  She’s a pleasure to work with.” -Linda G.

“She is conscientious, reliable, and a very professional individual, and will no doubt be successful in what ever endeavor she enters.”  -Patrick Q.

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