Let’s Talk About It

Let’s kick the unwelcome side effects of aging aches and pains to the curb, together.

Are you feeling the “overs”?

  • Overscheduled
  • Overworked
  • Overstressed
  • Overwhelmed
  • Over having not enough time to handle the to-do list AND care for yourself.

Have you noticed a new creak in your bones, diminished energy levels, or a little extra cushion around your midsection?

I can help because chances are I’ve been where you are today.

I was the single girl who struggled with gaining, losing, gaining, and well… you know how it goes.

After finding love and moving in with my SO plus two kids, I became the household manager. My available time disappeared into shopping, cooking, coordinating, and shuttling… sometimes simply into thin air. *Poof* gone.

About the time I found my bearings, I drove right into a fully entrenched freshman caregiver for my ailing grandpa during his last months… while in a pandemic.

Caring for myself was becoming harder to near impossible with each new situation and season. Saving my sanity, myself, and the relationship with my new family meant changing the way I did things as a coach and a human.

If your is health slipping because of aging or the added responsibility of caring for someone whose health is also slipping…

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When you’re trying to be everything for everyone, protect your health & well-being from circling the drain.

What is FitBodyPhatLife?

Having a FitBody is:

  • The ability to comfortably accomplish the daily demands of your life
  • Continuing to participate in the activities you love, even if it isn’t the same as when you were an invincible 20-year-old
  • Chasing your grandkids and helping aging parents

Enjoying a PhatLife is:

  • Knowing you can be present in all the things most important to you
  • The gut feeling that things will be OK because you can rely on your body and energy levels
  • The knowledge that your ability to adjust for any season in life will see you through slip-ups and missteps

You can live a FitBodyPhatLife and I can show you how.

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