Let’s Talk About It

Let’s kick the unwelcome side effects of aging aches and pains to the curb, together.

Is there a new creak in your bones, diminishing energy levels, or a little extra cushion around your midsection?

Are you feeling all the “overs”? Overscheduled. Overworked. Overstressed. Overwhelmed. Like there aren’t enough hours in the day to handle all the to-do’s AND take care of yourself?!

I can help because I’ve been there.

I was the single girl who struggled with gaining, losing, gaining, and well… you know how it goes.

Then I became a personal trainer who thought – you’ll never find time, you have to make time for yourself. Queue the Universe releasing a deep belly laugh.

When I moved in with my SO and his two kids, “tending to the farm” took on new meaning. Much of my available time disappeared into shopping, cooking, and shuttling. To this day, and on most days, I scratch my head wondering where the heck time goes!

And then Papa got sick. Stepping into the role of caregiver for someone who wasn’t well AND caring for my family AND trying to make sure my health didn’t circle the drain… well, it’s hard.

With my life experiences and serial optimism, I still believe it’s possible to kick aging aches and pains to the curb even when you feel like time is non-existent.

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When you’re trying to be everything for everyone, protect your health & well-being from circling the drain.

What is a FitBody?

Being able to comfortably accomplish the demands of your daily desires and necessities.  Continuing to participate in your favorite activities like tennis, hiking, and skiing (even if it isn’t the same as when you were invincible at 20 years old). And being able to chase your grandkids or help parents who are beyond their golden years.

It is NOT a certain size, number, or look. It is having the strength and vitality that makes the rest of your life easier.

What is a FatLife?

The ability to be present for all the things that are most important to you. That feeling in your gut that everything is going to be OK (even with slip-ups and missteps) because you’re able to rely on your body, your energy, and your ability to adjust for any season in life.

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Every day is a new day, with high hopes and big dreams. Whether you’re feeling challenged by a loved one, a significant other, a business dream, or your own self-talk… YOU are the builder of your legacy.

This playlist is a vibe, something that starts easy and designed to get your body swaying to the groove for a shift in energy that just might change your day.