Let’s Talk About It

Are you putting your health on the back burner caring for everyone else?

Feeling the “overs”…

  • Overscheduled
  • Overworked
  • Overstressed
  • Overwhelmed
  • Over having not enough time to handle the to-do list AND care for yourself

I can help because chances are I’ve been where you are today.

Hi!  I’m Jenn and that’s my grandpa, we called him Papa.  He’s the reason I’m here with you now.

I started battling self-confidence and weight in high school – gaining, losing, gaining, and well… you know drill.  Since then, I’ve fallen for fad diets and exercise programs, forgot my training, and stopped listening to my body.

When I moved in with my SO and his two kids, I found myself doing most of the shopping, cooking, coordinating, and shuttling.  While caring for my new family came naturally, I discovered time disappeared into thin air and with it went me time. *Poof* 

Almost a year into the pandemic, Papa was hospitalized.  When he was released, I drove up to Wyoming to help and, unknowingly, right into being a caregiver.  

From then on, it became a vicious cycle of managing stress, an empty emotional and physical fuel tank, along with a heavy side of guilt… was it even possible to care for Papa, my family, my clients, and myself? 

If your is health slipping because of aging or the added responsibility of caring for a loved one, take my hand.

Discover how to achieve better health, fitness, & sanity even when you don’t feel it’s possible.

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“I come to you because I feel better about myself when you help me become my better self. You have helped so many people that I know get stronger but you are not just all about the muscles, you care about our lives. And I love being a part of yours.”

Cindy ~2 years and counting

What is FitBodyPhatLife?

Having a FitBody is:

  • The ability to comfortably accomplish the daily demands of your life
  • Continuing to participate in the activities you love, even if it isn’t the same as when you were an invincible 20-year-old
  • Confidently and comfortably chasing around grandkids or helping aging parents

Enjoying a PhatLife is:

  • Courageously being present in all the things most important to you
  • Navigating the “overs”, the guilt, and everything life throws at you
  • Knowing that life has seasons and maneuvering those seasons with strength, vitality, and independence

A FitBodyPhatLife is yours for the taking.

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