5 Keys to Revving Up Your Metabolism


Before I give away any of the keys (don’t skip this, it’s important), it’s important (see I said it was going to be) to understand exactly what “metabolism” is and what it isn’t.  The handy dandy online Free Dictionary describes metabolism as a process:  In metabolism some substances are broken down to yield energy for vital processes while other substances, necessary for life, are synthesized.  Basically – metabolism is determined by what you put in your mouth and the energy you burn.  Now some will blame their weight on a “slow” metabolism but the truth is that because metabolism is a natural process, your body generally balances it to meet your individual needs.  (Side note: yes, there are diseases that will effect this function and out of your control but they are rarer then you think and you still have to make responsible choices).

There is good news though!  If metabolism is determined by what we put in our mouth and the energy we expend – then your daily actions will have a HUGE impact on how your body functions. Whiiiiiiiiich will ultimately allow you to rev up your metabolism and reach the weight you desire.  So, without further ado – 5 Keys to Revving Up Your Metabolism:

  1. Drink lemon water first thing.  While lemon is acidic outside the body, once it enters your body it actually aides in keeping your body alkaline (think electrically grounded or neutral) which may improve weight loss.  Squeeze half a lemon in luke warm water and wait 30 minutes before eating anything else.
  2. Eat!  Specifically – start with breakfast.  Putting your body into starvation mode is the fastest way to slow down your metabolism.  Breakfast is super critical because you’ve been fasting for at least 8 hours and your body is begging for energy.  Energy comes from high-quality food.  Here’s a bonus tip(s) – be sure to include protein and eat within an hour of waking up.images
  3. Add muscle to your body.  Before you get all up in arms about looking bulky – it’s physically impossible ladies.  Read this if you still don’t believe me.  Having strong muscles creates a very lean beautiful body.  Muscle is high-maintenance and requires a lot energy.  AND it needs it consistently – the more muscle you have the more your body becomes a red hot burning machine.
  4. Add intervals to your workout.  Have you ever seen marathon runners?  Typically they don’t have a lot of muscle.  This is because our body is an efficiency machine and other then some minor balancing, you don’t need much muscle to run so it gets rid of it.  Short, high intensity bursts during your cardio workout will cause you to consume more oxygen and make your cell powerhouses, mitochondria, work harder.  Working harder means it’s burning more energy (that you’ll want to be sure to replenish – it’s a fabulous cycle).  Your workouts don’t have to be as long AND you lose less muscle this way! More muscle = Red hot burning machine.  Bonus!
  5. Take your Omega 3’s.  Balancing out your blood sugar and reducing inflammation will make a tremendous difference alone.  But get this, it also improves the flow of blood to your muscles during exercise and helps stimulate enzymes which transport fat to be used for energy.  How great does that sound?!  Just be careful of what you’re taking – you don’t want to be ingesting toxins from a low-quality product while trying to get healthy.  If you don’t like the fishy taste or aren’t sure what to take – check out this quick fish oil comparison of products on the market.  If you’d like to get your own bottle of high-quality fish oil at a discounted price – ask me how.

Body MechanicsBottom line – this is no magic bullet.  However, YOU have the choice to determine how your metabolism is going to function day in and day out.

Well – that’s it for today friends!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this info… add one or more of these great actions items to your daily routine and let me now how it goes by posting your comments below.

‘Til next time!

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