running pain free again

A happy customer excited about running pain-free again

running pain free againI love, love, LOVE getting letters and messages from fabulous people I’ve helped!

Recovering from injuries and improving the quality of a person’s health tends to have ups and downs.  It’s a journey, a process of elimination – what’s working and what’s not.  Having the tenacity to not give up when the journey gets tough.  Then… when it all comes together, we do the happy dance!

Without further ado – here’s a story, about a lovely lady, who is back at it…



Thank you so much for all of your advice, coaching and assistance in ensuring I can run pain free again.

I was running five times per week, at a minimum of 3.2 miles, with strength training three times per week. I hurt my knee one Sunday after a 10K run on the road and then a 6 mile hike in Millcreek Canyon.

Two days later I tried to run a 5K and I could only make it 1 mile before my knee was in so much pain I could barely walk. It was swollen and in a lot of pain.

I tried to return to running at various times over the ensuing months, but I was always in pain, and could not complete more than 1 mile.

During Vegas Ragnar, you offered some stretching advice, that minimized the pain while I ran.

You followed up with products from USANA, stretching advice, videos and coaching. This was instrumental in being able to run pain free again.

Finally, two weeks ago, I ran my first 5K in four months without pain. I had run 1K’s and 2K’s to build up to the 5K. I also played racquetball without my knee being sore or swollen afterwards.

I have been running for the last three weeks, PAIN FREE, and am so happy.

Running Ragnar Las Vegas
Famous finishers pose at Ragnar Las Vegas.

I intend to run my first 10K in two weeks, and will let you know how it goes.

Five days per week, I complete the stretches you recommended. I also complete the stretches you suggested prior to ANY time I embark on a run.

I am thankful for your coaching, and am so happy to be running again.

I am grateful our Ragnar paths crossed.


Thank you!!


If you’re ready to improve your health or are recovering from an injury and would like some help – contact me!  Let’s get you where you want to go.  🙂

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