Well hello!

I’m Jenn

Over the years, I’ve been part of an all too common, and unfortunate, vicious cycle… trying the many Tom, Dick, and Harry celebrity weight loss and fitness suggestions. There was some success, plenty of frustration, and many times I didn’t feel right. I began to believe that being tired after lunch was normal, that creaking knees would prevent me from playing volleyball or running, and aging really might mean feeling lethargic and achy. #Sadness

My personal journey began in college when I lost the weight for the first time. It’s where I found my love of fitness and when I became an aerobics instructor. After graduating, I left teaching behind and gained the weight, plus some, back. The 2008 financial crash brought me back to my love of fitness.

Since then I’ve discovered…

When it comes to our health and well-being, there are no absolutes. There’s just you, your current situation, and how you’re going to navigate it.

Life is not static and waiting for “when” or “a certain date” is, not only stressful, it’s stressful and disheartening.

It is my background as an engineer that gives me a unique perspective. I view the body as one amazing machine with a structure (the bones), levers and pullies (tendons and muscles), and pipe systems (blood, waste, and just about everything else).

With my life experiences and serial optimism, I fully believe it’s doable to feel better than “just getting by” in any situation and season of life.

I’m here to support you, be your biggest cheerleader, and get you feeling the way you want to feel.

Curious about how you can make progress toward feeling your best even when the Universe is piling it on?

These are a Few of My Favorite Things…

Place to relax…

Toes in the sand

Song on repeat…

It’s My Life

My two cats…

Archie & Sampson

Guilty pleasure…

Soft Snuggly Things

In my glass…

Water & Wine

Can’t live without…

Celavive skincare


Crispness of a fall CO morning


The Secret of My Success




years experience


People & families positively impacted


virtual & In-Person training sessions


Rev3 energy drinks daily

Is your health slipping while caring for someone whose health is, also, slipping?

When Papa came home from the hospital the last time he was never the same. I traveled 9 hours round-trip for months helping with meds and doctor’s appointments, being a point of contact in varying conversations, and constantly hoping he wouldn’t need the ER (which happened 16 times when someone else wasn’t there).

Even as a coach, my healthy habits and ability to take care of myself went out the window when I became a caregiver. I had to learn all over again how to feel successful.

The stress, the astronomical exhaustion, and the sheer will to keep going are something I still look back on in awe.

If you’re struggling and you don’t think a coach would understand, I will.

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