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Are you a caregiver looking to move the needle on YOUR health and fitness?

After the first week of caring for my grandpa, I felt like I was trying to run towards water blasting from a fire hose and drink from it at the same time. Holy %&*#!

Ever felt that way? 😳

I've come to realize that that never really changes. We CAN, however, adjust the way we're running.

Caring for your loved one takes everything, which means you need that much more in the tank to take it all on. This is an opportunity to do just that... to fill your tank, to prioritize yourself so you can continue to show up confidently, stronger, and more present for everyone who relies on you.

I invite you to take the guesswork out of staying fit and healthy because you already have a really long list of things to do.

Online coaching is a relatively new concept. It's one that will allow you to reach your goals without the usual time and/or location constraints from the traditional in-person model. Being a caregiver often means there's a lack of control over your own schedule... it's time to take control. You absolutely have the ability to take the next step in improving your health while maintaining your all-encompassing caregiver duties.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, spread thin and limited on resources (time, energy, sanity, help)… you’re in the right place.

Your Caregiver Self-Care Package includes:

  • Choose your own adventure workout program - whether you have 10 minutes or no idea where you’ll fit it in… whether you want to work out by yourself or include a LO… there’s a workout made for that
  • Sanity-saving nutrition
    • No need to count calories or macros, you’ll focus on changing how you eat, keep foods that you enjoy most, and if you’re feeling cheeky experiment with what you’re interested in eating. No quinoa, kale chips, or cauliflower crust here (unless you really want them 🤢 )
    • Full eating out guide so you know what foods will help you stay focused on your goal
    • ‘Cause nobody can eat the same thing on any given night, support and guidance in reducing mealtime blues
    • Monthly group cooking & meal prep to bring fun back to the kitchen & have supplies on hand
  • Building a plan of action for when your brain and body are being offered up scrambled, fried, and frazzled
  • Support at the touch of your fingertips
    • Need to have a phone or video chat? Simply book a call during my coaching call hours
    • Send me a message anytime from the app and I’ll respond within business hours
    • Having a “moment” and need me more quickly? You can text me for urgent support and I’ll come running
  • Because there’s a hole in your cup and nothing will flow fast enough to fill it, get superhero notes and reminders from the Universe to help keep your spirits up, stay motivated, and even laugh a little
  • Fun surprises along the way because you deserve a little extra love now and again

If you're ready to say YES to YOU, click the button below and fill out your initial road map to success.

Wishing you a good day and we'll talk soon!