Frying Up Some Fish Oil

Let’s get right to it!  Do you take a fish oil supplement?

I know I definitely need one because I don’t eat seafood of any kind.. icky poo, gross, disgusting!  I would totally be getting boo-hiss’d by Dr. Oz right now!!  Just like he did to tennis great Caroline Wozniacki.

It’s also imperative that my supplement does not have a fishy after burp (ever experienced that?!) … NO ONE wants that blown in their face!

What’s the #FitBodyFatLife Nation to do?

My exclusive product partner USANA Health Sciences to the rescue!!! They are also a Trusted Sponsor and Partner of the Dr. Oz show (pretty cool, huh?!).

Biomega on the Dr. Oz Show

So what’s so different and why wouldn’t you just go buy something off the shelf?

  • Geek alert!  USANA uses a double distillation process that ensures there are no contaminants like mercury or PCB’s.
  • Over 700+ Olympic and Professional athletes trust their body and their career to USANA.  No chance of testing positive for a banned substance on these products!
  • If that’s not reason enough, ask yourself what your health is worth to you?  Would you rather give it to the glitzy marketing show on the shelf or to the science that will actually support your body functioning optimally…

One final note – after I had eye surgery, I woke up in excruciating pain because of REALLY dry eyes.  I actually had to start putting special eye ointment in my eyes at night.  That’s when I heard from an Optometrist on my team to try increasing my evening dosage of fish oil.  #BAM!  Not perfect but definitely amazingly less painful.  My dad even noticed an improvement in his eye dryness after he was convinced to take the daily dose (he didn’t like pills.. silly talk).

Get your own bottle here and check out Biomega.  Or contact me directly if you have questions, want to receive up to 20% off your product or leave a comment below to share your story.

Your Fit Body Fat Life Lifestyle Broker signing out for now!
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