Grrrrrrrrr!!! I waited too long to fix it…

You know that feeling when you finally realize (and admit) that you waited too long to fix something?  Maybe it was your car… something in your house…  a bill (aka a debt)… a sickness…

Now you find yourself smacking your forward and annoyed?  At least that’s how I’m feeling.  DOH!

As I ponder the situation I’m in, I also realize I waited for reasons that make absolutely no sense [anymore]:

  • I was too busy, I didn’t have the time to go in.
  • It was going to cost money I didn’t have [actually it’s money I wanted to spend elsewhere if I’m being really honest].
  • I was cocky enough to think I could fix it on my own.

Now here I am – a broken mess.  Spending more time in someone else’s office, waisting more hours during the day being less productive due to pain and lack of focus, and throwing more money at the problem then if I had just dealt with it in the first place.  Sensing a common theme here – MORE. MORE. MORE.

At the end of the day, I knew I needed to seek help outside of myself.  My stubbornness and ego got in the way.  Now I’m paying for it multiple times over.  Here are a few things I hope to keep in mind for future “fix-it” situations:

  • Time always goes by and is never recouped.  How we spend our time reflects our priorities… or rather what we allow to prioritize our life.
  • Money is never lost, it simply exchanges hands.  It’s a tool to be used in exchange for what we value – health, freedom, pleasure, necessities.
  • I can spend a little bit early or spend a lot later.  It really is up to me.

Our priorities on any given day, are a direct correlation to what we desire most in life.  Yet, so often we spend it on the unimportant and not-so-urgent matters that seem important and urgent at the time.  This is what my stubbornness and attention to the ultimately unimportant, as well as, not-so-urgent priorities at that time have cost me:

Fix it Cost - Stamped

  • Wallet expenses: $315 and growing
  • Trackable time lost: 9 hours
  • Missed gym days: too many to admit
  • Untraceable time in lost productivity, pain and lack of sleep:  Unknown
  • Knowing I could have saved myself 2/3rd’s of that:  An invaluable lesson and annoyingly priceless

Do you remember a time when you waited too long to fix something?  What was it and what was your biggest lesson?

Help others avoid the same mistake and share your story below.


Lots of Love,

Jenn – Your Fit Body Fat Life Consultant

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