Health and Wealth Goals

I hope this blog post finds everyone doing very well and moving forward on the goals you’ve set for yourself.  It’s been awhile since we’ve all connected and I wanted to mention something that happened a couple weeks ago.  I had a couple colleagues approach me and ask if I had lost weight, my reply was a smiling yes!  (It’s my opinion that it’s always acceptable to tell someone that they look great and look like they they’ve lost weight.  What do you think?)

OK – so back to my original reason for writing this email.  One of them wanted to know more:  what was I doing or doing differently and while I rattled off a few things, I don’t really feel like I had a full answer.  So, I started thinking about it.  What was I doing now that I wasn’t doing prior to starting the original challenge?  Why was I now seeing exciting results?  What was ultimately different in my life?  After pondering these questions for what seems an eternity now, I am so excited about what I have learned!  I’d like to share my thoughts with you – use what you can and throw the rest away but hopefully you are able to find at least one take-away.

First and foremost – there were some things I realized I just had to accept, whether I liked it or not!  Number one:  our bodies are our most amazing God given gift and if we squander it, we lose.  I realize this statement may seem like an oxymoron in the business we are in because we all believe that health is vitally important; however, I came to the conclusion that sometimes I just got tired and didn’t want to try anymore.  Let me explain – it was easier to stop at that place for a quick easy meal, it was easier to just get through my workout, it was easier to forget about being prepared with snacks and the right snacks, it was easy to not do any meal planning, it was easy to be stressed about the worries of this world – money, stuff, things I couldn’t control and it was easy to forget what was most important.  Though, I was doing good right?  I took my supplements every day twice a day, I drank the amount of water a person should drink in a day, I was mostly good with food, I went to the gym a couple times a week with lots of additional activities each week.  I was healthy, right?!  Number two: It’s constant work so just deal with that now and then you can move on to the fun stuff: results!  Yea, I wanted it to be so easy that I didn’t have to think much about it.  Not gonna happen and as soon as I realized that I had some work to do, I got to the fun stuff – the results!  Now, I’m not saying that it has to be ‘beating your head against a wall’ hard or time consuming.  I am saying that you have choices and you will have to consistently be aware of those choices; so, with some careful and adventurous planning – you will succeed!

While I was trying to figure out what was different, I realized that the choices we make for our health are so similar to our business!  There are four things that I think really changed my health results and as applied, they will change my business results too  Ponder this thought for a minute: our body intentions mimic our business intentions.  The most exciting results I have been experiencing have been happening over the last few weeks; however, I started this transformational journey in October when Brett first laid down his challenge.  I had to put in the time, the effort, the frustration, the failures (what seemed like failures anyway) … my due diligence and I am completely thrilled with my results!  This makes me think of the exponential growth curve we frequently discuss in our business model… put in the work now and one day, you’ll reap the beautiful benefits when you hit that one point on the curve.  My other thought on this:  if you consider the Healthy for Life program we teach, it’s mentioned that once your body flips that switch – it gets it and the fat just melts off.  So, we know our bodies will get it when we are fully involved and I believe that when our hearts get fully involved in the process of the business, our business will get it!  It’s a wonderful thing!  I’m sure each one of us has heard that if we treat our business like a hobby, it will produce like a hobby.  I fully believe that if we treat our bodies like a hobby, it’ll give us the results of a hobby.  And we know that what’s easy to do, is even easier not to do.  One more thing – surviving is not good enough!  Patti Roney talked about this at the Super Saturday and it’s so relevant to our health.  If we don’t have enough energy to get through the day, who aren’t we able to help?  If we aren’t healthy enough to give the next presentation, what are we sacrificing?  If we don’t have the money, are we able to fully focus on our prospects’ wants and needs?  It is absolutely not enough to just survive our health and it’s absolutely not enough to just survive in our finances!

The four things that really made the difference in my health goals:

  1. Plan your health habits when you’re doing your weekly action plan (WAP)
  2. Be great at the basics
  3. Set goals and be intentional
  4. Always remember your personal growth.

Some of my favorite benefits that I’ve been experiencing are not what you might initially think.  I thoroughly enjoy the fact that I have to annoyingly cinch up my belt two extra notches since starting this journey and when I do that, my pants start cinching too!  I’ll have to go pants shopping soon if I want them to stay on AND look good!  And of course, I feel great!  However, some of my favorite things are smaller then that…. I love that I can pull my knees to my chest when I’m sitting in a chair and still feel like I can breath, definitely not crunched anymore!  And I love to put my hands on my waist because I can FEEL the strength from my newly found stomach muscles.

So, stay positive, stay focused   :-)

To your health and wealth success~

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