If you’ve visited my website before, you already have an idea of who I am - a simple, strong woman with a lot of experience behind her and a great many things ahead of her! Maybe I’ve helped you lead your #FitBodyFatLife and you know what is possible together, or maybe you just landed here out of nowhere - in any case - WELCOME TO MY PASSION PROJECT!

Have you ever been afraid to do something because it seemed too overwhelming, too complicated to handle? Have you been afraid of others’ reaction? Have you ever been afraid of failure...or perhaps success? Have you ever said to yourself: “Holy hell, what did I get myself into?”

I know I have. I’ve felt it all and I decided to RUN WITH IT!

#RUNRESTREPEAT is my passion project and it is my source of strength and inspiration.

I want to prove to myself (and you), time and time again, that everything is possible when you make it your priority. Day in and day out, you apply yourself, you work hard, you feel the beat, you’re in the best shape of your life and you have to wonder how proud will I feel when it’s all done? Very proud, to be sure, but I know me and I know I will dig deep into my soul to keep going and push my body to an even higher level of physical stamina and performance. The thought of learning so many new things excites me and gives me strength to keep going, but...I also have something to prove. I was never a competitive runner (one might say I sucked), but today, I’m competing and performing for myself. I don’t care how I’ll get there - I care about crossing the finish line. It feels so good to be good to yourself!

A combined total of 116 miles and a plethora of medals that adorn my walls
- but who knows where I will run off to next?


Reebok Ragnar Napa Valley

Ragnar Relay Ultra (200 miles, 6 people, 2 days)

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

The Dopey Challenge

Star Wars - the Light Side

Rebel Challenge

Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend