Sick?! 5 Steps To Get Over It Quick

Isn’t it the end of the sick season?  SERIOUSLY?!!!  OK, maybe I’ve taken for granted just how not-sick I’ve been for the last few years.  I mean, I remember a time I’d get sick every time a sickly even breathed in my direction but I was passed all that, right?!  Ultimately, when the body needs a rest or you’re releasing wicked psychological toxins that have built up over the years (thank you car accident – PTSD treatment).. the body’s gonna do what’s best for it!  My schedule and my super reaching goals be dammed.

What’s a girl to do??!  Well, I had forgotten a few things.  Like – working out the first couple days the “sick” has set in does more damage then good.  There’s a fine balance between sweating it all out and breaking down.  I’m not sure if I avoided the worst of it and I’m just being a baby or I ended up in the thick of it.  Either way – here are some tips (hopefully for next season) for getting over the “sick” ASAP.  We’ve got things to do right?!!

Step 1:  Stop Denying You’re Sick

This one is absolutely the hardest for me.  I will power through just about anything, sometimes causing more damage then good.  Extra hard workouts or saying yes when I should rest.  Just admit it’s coming on and proceed to Step 2.  (This by the way is the only way to limit the time spent sick)

Step 2:  Eat, Drink and Sleep

The first 24 to 48 hours are pretty critical to how the rest of your sick time will play out.

  • Eat whole, good-for-you foods.  Chicken noodle soup is dubbed “Jewish Penicillin” because it contains nutritions veggies with hot, steamy broth, chicken for the protein building blocks the body benefits from and the comfort of noodles – a divine combination.  Honestly, that’s not always what we crave though.  I made a trip to the store and this is the comfort food I went for… EEK!  Here’s what that food will and did do… it FED the cold.  “Sick” thrives in a high sugar environment.  Stick to whole good-for-you foods and your body will thank you… in more ways then one.Eat this. Drink that. Snuggle this way.
  • Drink… Drink… Drink... more water then you can possibly imagine.  Water helps to flush out all the toxins AND keep you hydrated.  It’s truly amazing how much your body needs with it’s fighting something.  Drink equal your weight in ounces.  I know it’s a lot… just do it!
  • Sleep.  O man… can this one be difficult when there’s a schedule to keep.  It’s one of the most important though… especially in the first 48 hours. Find a snuggle buddy, bundle up and just hang out.  A cozy fire is always nice too.

Step 3:  Chiropractic. Massage. Sauna.

I know you don’t want to go anywhere.  I canceled all but 4 of my appointments in the first 4 days I was sick.  One of the appointments I was sure to keep was with my massage therapist and chiropractor (still recovering from that car accident).  Studies prove they both help stimulate your immune system.  Hell yes!  So don’t deny a good thing.  If you don’t have one scheduled, make an appointment.  I guarantee they want to see you… even, and especially, sick.

So, why the sauna?  Your body develops a fever for a reason – to kill the “sick” in your body.  You have the ability to fake a fever by spending time in a sauna…. even 10 minutes.  Make it happen and feel the “sick” just ooze out of ya.  (Great visual… right? LOL)  One caveat… don’t go in shortly after eating.  Blech… :-/Supplements & probiotics

Step 4:  Supplements. Probiotics. Vitamin C.

Digestive System Is How Long?Your body is needing more then usual to help it recover, so give it an abundance of vitamins and probiotics.  Did you know 80% of your immune system is in your gut?  And the best way to help your gut is probiotics.  Take them daily!  Take a high-quality product with a guaranteed delivery system… to get it right where it needs to go.  (Yogurt is great, however, much of the probiotics are in a form that gets dissolved/absorbed by the stomach… which means it never reaches right where it needs to be, your gut.  O and much of the yogurt on the market contains lots of sugar… exactly what the “sick” is looking for to thrive.)

Step 5:  Get back to life!

Being sick sucks.  So kick it to the curb and get back to living your life to the fullest!


All the best,


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