What our clients say

Karen V.

When I started working with Jenn I thought I would just give it a try, not dreaming that 9 months later I would be 15 pounds lighter, a clothing-size smaller, and feeling stronger, healthier and happier having made changes that I can carry forward through the rest of my life.  Jenn is warm, positive, encouraging and enthusiastic.  I look forward to welcoming her into my home twice a week.

Lisa W.

Thank you for encouraging me to do the Insanity Mud Run!  Running has made me a better biker and I’m now passing all the boys going up hills.  The product you recommended for my knees has been awesome!  I am finally able to train and play volleyball without experiencing pain each and every time.

Lea Y.


I have been very impressed… mostly with the skill and knowledge that Jennifer brings to the training sessions. Jennifer is an outgoing and enthusiastic person, and she is very patient with her clients.

Kristina S.

When someone works with Jenn they aren't on the journey to total body health alone, she is with each of her clients every step of the way; encouraging them to meet that next goal even when it's a rough day. That's what passion is, and that's exactly what Jennifer has for others.


After 4 months of working with Jenn, I have shrunk by 2 dress sizes.   My strength and energy levels have increased dramatically since the time we began working out together.   She is a dedicated trainer and has a nice way of encouraging me to do more than I think I can.   Working out with her has been both challenging and fun and I love the results!