I’m often asked why I chose this company when there are a plethora of companies in this industry on the market and so, so many products on the shelves at GNC/Vitamin Cottage/Walmart/Costco.  So why USANA?

The answer is quite simple actually.  Bottom line is that not every product in this industry is created equal and I wanted the best possible product for me and my clients from a science perspective.  Coming from an engineering background, I always wanted the facts – is what your saying true and, if it is, I want proof that it’s true.

So, what was it that I discovered in a phenomenal product partner:

  1. Founder: Dr. Myron Wentz is the leading scientist in human cell research.  Even winning the Albert Einstein award in 1997 for most improvements in the life sciences (something like the Nobel Prize)  He has a PhD in microbiology and immunology and created commercially available viral test kits for detecting viruses (I repeat, scientist not marketer AND knows his way around the cells of the body).
  2. Company: 20+ years old, publicly traded on the NYSE, voted Best Places to Work according to Outside Magazine, awarded Best Live Event twice since 2009 and voted top Sales and Customer Service Department of the Year.  It’s also a research and development company, spending 7 Million last year, investing in studies around the world that may have an impact on optimal human health.
  3. Manufacturing Practices: USANA is an FDA registered facility (raw product intake checklist is 108 pages long alone!), voluntarily complying to pharmaceutical grade manufacturing practices (what’s on the label is in the capsule), meets Informed-Choice & HFL Sport Science (meaning you won’t test positive for a banned substance).
  4. Third Party Recognition: Check out the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements. You can also find them in the Physician’s Desk Reference for pharmaceutical products.  Finally, they’ve won many Best of State awards in Utah.
  5. Athletes:  600+ Professional and Olympic athletes trust their health to USANA to the tune of a 1 Million Dollar guarantee that they will never test positive for a banned substance caused by USANA products.  Hey… if it’s good enough for gold medal Olympians, it’s good enough for me!

The truth is – you may have a product you like and that’s OK.  I challenge you to do a little research.  Dive in to the company and don’t just lean on the website text.  What are the company standards?  Have they had to recall any products and why?  Once a formula is created where is a manufactured and what are the manufacturing standards?  There’s a saying that goes, ‘Good science can be destroyed by poor manufacturing.‘   Would an Olympic athlete risk their medal (or their teammates medal) to take the product?  Check it out in the Comparative Guide.  Last, but certainly not least… who is the creator of the product?  Is it a scientist or is it a marketer looking to capitalize on the next trillion dollar industry?

My question for you is: What is your health worth to you?! 

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